Why to Choose Strategic Market Research

Reasons to Choose Strategic Market Research

Strategic Market Research facilitates the organizations globally in taking pivotal business decisions by furnishing the Syndicated and Customized Research Reports which are highly precise in terms of market numbers. We believe that every firm whether it a startup which is in the Introduction stage of the Product Life cycle or an established one which is at the growth stage, require market research services in order to streamline their key business blueprint. It may be related to Product Launch, Go to Market strategies, Competitive Analysis or new geographical penetration and expansion.

We also lay primary emphasis on the firms which are in the maturity stage of the Product Life Cycle. These firms require new business strategies, Brand positioning and Brand reinforcement strategies as they face continuous competition from the existing and the new players. Our consulting model is specially formulated for these set of companies where we provide them with the long-term solution to sustain and grow in the market.

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Approach followed by Strategic Market Research

We at Strategic Market Research possess a team of 500 plus research experts with diverse industry expertise who assist the clients in resolving and meeting their exact business requirements. Our primary objective is to impact the revenues of the clients positively thereby leveraging their profits.

Strategic Market Research boasts of the fact that we have devised a methodology where we ensure that every client irrespective of the nature and the criticality of their business problem gets the exact solution. We adopt, demonstrate and conduct a thorough diagnosis through which we filter and assign these customers into three categories.

Category 1/ Case 1 Clients

Category 1

This particular segment caters to the needs of those customers/end users who demand immediate solution as they are well aware of their business problems.These are the CEO’s, COO’s, Directors, Partners, Startup Owners, Angel Investors who belong to the upper strataand are the decision makers of the organization.

Here the customer comes directly with the problem statement which he/himself has identified thereby seeking a direct solution from us. In this case we map the customer and position them in the first rectangle and align them directly with the team of our expert analysts who furnish them with the solution at the spur of the moment. We develop a plan immediately and deliver the solution within the span of 24 hours as the customer needs it to either plan a product launch, devise a pricing strategy of a particular product or execute a Merger and Acquisition.

Category 2/ Case 2 Clients

Category 2

In this particular category Strategic Market Research primarily ensures the fact that every business problem of the customer is diagnosed and analyzed thoroughly. Our team of expert’s deep dive into the core of the problem by performing necessary due diligence. This includes a survey having a pre-defined set of questions answering which the customer himself realizes that whatever he wants is available with us in the most elaborative manner. Secondly, we position these set of customers with the team of subject matterexperts who have their core competency in probing the exact pain point of the customer. These team of experts have more than 20 years of experience in delivering the exact solution by following a consultative approach. These set of customers belong to the second category. In this particular category the customer knows what he wants but doesn’t know the depth of the business problem and wants a solution that will fulfill his needs.

Category 3/ Case 3 Clients

Category 3

Our team of experts at Strategic Market Research encounter this situation every day where 50 percent of our daily customers are either not satisfied in the past with the company that they have dealt with or had problems with the authenticity of the data. Trust us we give special privileges to these customers by understanding their exact pain point and ensure the fact they get the best data, consulting services, market research reports, from us as they have got in touch with us for the first time. We infuse the trust in them so that they become our perennial clients.

In this particular category the customer knows what he wants but doesn’t know the depth of the business problem and wants a solution that will fulfill his needs. We probe the customer, extract their exact needs thereby positioning them in the second rectangle where there is a complete symmetry between their respective needs and our value offerings.

Dissatisfied customer with bad past experience

There are a myriad number of instances where customer approaches Strategic Market Research but is skeptical of the fact whether the solution he is seeking from us will be 100 percent authentic and genuine or not. The reason for his dubious behavior is accountable due to his past experiences which were not up to the mark hence not resolving their business problem. Here the customer wants to mitigate his risk of failure by acquiring genuine data and authentic information from our team of analysts. We deploy these set of customers with our trained market research industry leaders who ensure the fact that the data which will be finally delivered to this set of clients is cross validated through industry experts like CEO’s, COO’s, VP’s,Head of Strategies, Head of R&D’s, few among others. We categories these set of customers as C3.